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Local Company Fined by OSHA for $1.7 million Due To Violations

Safety Indictment How important is it to your construction company to get on a rooftop without considering fall protection?  Is it worth lawsuits for the business owner?  Is it worth over $1.7 million in violations?  How about manslaughter and/or workplace manslaughter charges? With proper training, most falls can be prevented

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How to Prepare for an Active Shooter Incident

The FBI website states there have been 250 active shooter incidents in the United States from 2000 to 2017 with 2,217 casualties. While you may feel this couldn’t happen at your workplace, you may be wrong. The data also shows that 42 percent of these incidents took place in a

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Our Hazcomm/Hazwoper courses have met the RI Department Of Health approval for Continuing education credits

What is HAZWOPER? OSHA issued the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) standards, 29 CFR 1910.120 and 29 CFR 1926.65 (54 Federal Register 9294-9336, March 6, 1989), to protect workers and enable them to handle hazardous substances safely and effectively. The HAZWOPER standard for the construction industry (29 CFR 1926.65) is identical to 29 CFR 1910.120. For brevity,

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Workplace Safety Handbook with OSHA Requirements next to A First Aid Kit, Respirator Face Piece, Hart Hat, and Safety Gloves

A Quick Guide on OSHA Safety Requirements

Weeding through letters of interpretation or researching OSHA standards for a quick answer can eat up precious time. This is why UASC’s safety consultants and training department wanted to provide you with a quick reference guide on our most commonly asked OSHA reporting, recording, and training questions. Breaking Down What

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Active Shooter Holding Gun Behind Back

Complete Your Safety Manual by Including an Active Shooter Program

Just like you can’t prevent a workplace injury, you can’t predict an active shooter incident, which seems to be more rampant in recent years. Companies have in place safety manuals to reduce workplace injuries, consistent job hazard analysis (JHA’s) that lists the hazards with precautions to prevent them, and training

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Man cutting wood with a saw.

A “Cutting” Issue

Do you use chop saws?  Is the saw is sending clouds of silica dust into the air? Do you know the potential hazard for breathing dust from cutting stones, masonry, bricks, some tiles, glass, or CMU? Chop saws can pose a potential “cutting” issue for employees working in the construction

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drug and alcohol program enforcing a sign "notice: this a drug free workplace"

Why Employers Need a Drug Testing Program

Having a drug and alcohol policy, along with a formalized drug testing program is essential in minimizing risk within an organization. All across the United States, the use of illicit drugs has increased substantially. Out of the estimated 25 million people who use some kind of illicit drugs, 75% of

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