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Annual Safety Compliance Consulting Packages

Executive Standard Plus Standard

a $95,000 value

for only $62,900

a $37,800 value

for only $22,900

a $20,500 value

for only $16,900

$419/pp annually

(estimated per 150 employees)

$305/pp annually

(estimated per 75 employees)

$338/pp annually

(estimated per 50 employees)


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United Alliance Services Corporation provides occupational safety and health management services throughout the Northeast. We help our clients achieve a safer work environment, which typically results in a healthier bottom-line profit. We believe that companies who properly manage and budget their worker's safety and health, are positioned to operate more efficiently and and become more profitable.

United Alliance can help your company or organization develop, implement, and maintain a safety and health program that meets and exceeds OSHA safety requirements and in most cases is much more cost effective than managing the personnel and process internally. Above you will find three cost effective solutions for managing safety within your company or organization.

*These prices are just an estimate. Individual proposals for service will need be developed for actual cost of annual safety compliance program.